A few problems and questions

ok, so i started playing gmod almost 2 years ago and i’ve quit for a long time so i decided to come back, but i forgot everything… so i downloaded svn and many important mods, but i have a few problems:

i see green arrows above people’s head, in every mod if they are in my team (e.g - if im a security guard in darkrp, i see green arrows above other guard’s heads… or in ZombieSurvival i will see green arrows above humans heads and more)

and also if im playing DarkRP i always see a white screen for less than a second, then i continue playing but after a minute it happens again and so on…

and i have a little problem with ULX, i got ULX svn and ULib SVN and when i make a single player it says that i’m an admin but when i make a multiplayer it doesnt say that i am an admin but i can still do !menu and all of that, but i can’t write !admin O.o it says that i’m not an admin or something like that…

and one last thing, i forgot how to make the mingebot lol… i dont know which settigns to put in the wheels, hover balls, thrusters ETC… but i tried making it and it doesnt matter what power i put in the thrusters, the mingebot will barely move and it’s SOOOO uncontrollable…

so that’s it for now, if you people will help me i will be soo grateful becasue i dont want a broekn gmod :stuck_out_tongue: sorry if i’m too noobish, it’s just very important…

here is the picture of my addon folder… so let me know if you see anything that bugs me here:

Try to reinstall Garry’s Mod should, anyway it’s probably some corrupted or outdated addon/modification causing it, when you’ve reinstalled it, check if you’re experiencing any of the following problems: arrows, white screens and crashes.

If it works, you should only install a few addons at once and then check if you’re experiencing problems with those.

By the way, your screenshot doesn’t work.

How to reinstall Garry’s Mod:

i fixed the picture
and there is no other things i can do other than reinstall? :open_mouth:
if not i guess i will just take my addons and maps folders and save them so i wiont need to download everything again

but i still must know about that mingebot question lol
BTchaos is still active? i should pm him

and that crushing bug is somehow fixed i think
so i just need to know about that arrow thingy which is not really a problem but i still need to know where did that come from O.o

ok i reinstalled in the way you said and i’ve put the addons and gamemodes and maps back (the addons folder is different from the picture, i removed some stuff)
and it works pretty awesome! but i made a server and played with my friend, and then some wierd stranger logged in and it crushed my game as i mentioned before - which is wird because i already managed to play with 2 friends and not only 1… so what can cause that problem?
now i only need to figure this out, and then just to contact BTchaos and ask him about the mingebot :open_mouth:

someone? :<

Didn’t you install any costum hud, or sims 3 content?(green arrow)

no, but it doesn’t matter now because i reinstalled gmod and put back the maps gamemodes and addons folders and it’s fine now
but i don’t understand why when more than one person joins my server, it just crushes… because i already managed to play with 2 of my friends but only once :<

This probably won’t fix any of your problems, but when I looked at your screenshot I could see you didn’t export.
Here’s a tutorial on how to export: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324
Read step 13 of the tutorial to learn why exporting is important.

it’s kinda wierd… i figured that if someone join my server, and then respawns, no one can join afterwards because it will crush my game and the server
but if someone connected and then someone connected after him there is no problem and both of them will respawn… for example, my friend logins the server and we play a little bit and then my other friend comes, just as i see “XXX Connected to the server” (or whatever) it will crush my Gmod… but if no one connects and then i see:
“XXX connected to the server”
“XXX2 connected to the server”
the is no problem

this is pretty annoying :X
oh any by the way, i got ulx admin mod but it doesn’t let me restrict sweps and etc… so what do i do? for example i wanna make a little darkrp server - i don’t want my friends to mess around with sweps and all of that
is there any good admin mod i can download? (that will work with ulx and ulib)
and how do i choose and make the jobs in my DarkRP? i want that Builder system, i mean no one can spawn props and no one has the toolgun and physgun besides people in Builder jobs…

help will be appreciated

no one has the same problem with the server thingy? :< today i played with 4 friends and it worked only because they all joined around the same time, when no one first spawned…

I’ve read it is related to having tons of addons, maybe GCombat, and I also think cracked servers bug this…
I had this problem before and I just re-installed my server…

Tip: URestrict

but i have a listen server… i am making it using create a server :open_mouth:
and i will remove my gcombat i think it’s not even the official addon :X and thanks for the URestrict thingy, i will try that out

Okay… good luck trying it out…

crap… my friend logged in and we played and then my other friend came and there were no problems!
and then some unknown guy connected and just as soon as i saw the “bla bla bla joined the server” it closed my server and went to the main menu :<<<
it’s pissing me off i don’t understand why it happens and i removed alot of addons and my server is pretty light now :X

ok this is my last try, i gotta bump it… if no one here knows what can it be so nevermind i am playing only with my friends using skype so they all get in the same time…