A few problems with raiding in Rust

So, I’ve been playing this game for a while now, I know how pretty much how everything works. I enjoy the game, I think it’s got a ton of potential. The raiding in the game does have a few problems that I think need addressing.

For one thing, the game isn’t really something you can play on your own. If you are on your own, you really cannot defend your base against a group at all. I know a lot of people will come out with the same old responses such as “Oh get some friends.” or “Go on a PVE server.” but I don’t have a problem with PVP and although I do know a lot of people who play games, not everyone in the world plays Rust so it’s not something you can just make happen. I also know that you can go on a server with a lower population but that’s not a good suggestion because there’s nothing to guarantee that it’ll stay that way and those servers can also be pretty boring.

The issue with defending a base mainly comes from how there’s nothing to defend it with. Spike walls decay so you have literally no choice but to play to the game every single day to keep them from disappearing. Not saying they should take decay out, they should make it more durable. It also really doesn’t matter how well you build your base, it’ll get raided easily. I don’t want raiding to disappear either, I know there’s many of you who think that everyone who takes issue with the current raiding system simply want a base that’s impossible to raid but that’s not the case. Most people just want to be able to play the game for more than a day without being forced to start all over again.

C4 is also too easy to craft and something like that should be much much harder to research. One research kit to be able to make unlimited C4 is just too easy. Once again, I know there are already servers out there that make C4 uncraftable but a lot of those servers won’t last because there’s so many different servers.

I know someone will want to reply with “It’s in Alpha.” but this forum would be pretty pointless since that can be a response for everything. lol

It’s been told that more defensive items will be coming in. IE: Traps, ect.

I hope so, it would be useful because it really sucks when you go back to a server and are greeted with the familiar scene of your guy sitting in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a rock, med packs and a torch. lol

There’s your problem; the term “base”, singular. Even as a group, we have five operating bases, some fairly heavily constructed, some very light. None of them on the incredibly busy US 3 Stress Test sever have been raided, and if one was, since the loot is dispersed it’s not a big deal.

Before shared doors I had four private bases, some in plain sight, some fairly well hidden. Never been an issue, if you do it right, your “base” will just blend in with the dozens of others around.

Also, don’t make your base too tempting, use only one large box, no fireplace or furnace. That way it will only look like a newb base, and not worth the C4 to blow. Make a shack with a fireplace and a furnace and leave the door open when you leave, it’ll always be there. Also, never light any fire unless it’s around midday.

The new “cooldown” feature on sleeping bags is incredibly useful in quickly teleporting amongst your bases with a simple suicide command (assuming you have each reasonably well equipped). This allows you to pick your staring location and/or refresh the decay timer in a few minutes on many different buildings.

Fair enough, a few good suggestions there. However, trying to get the resources to do what you have done without interruption is very difficult to do.

Also when you say: “Also, don’t make your base too tempting, use only one large box, no fireplace or furnace” How will what is inside your base make a difference since they can’t see what you’ve got? Plus, I would have thought that having a small base with simply a metal door would make people inclined to blow it simply because it requires less C4? I understand your logic behind having a smaller base but I would have thought it would have worked both ways (larger base = more to gain, smaller base = less to lose).

You can look through the cracks in the wood walls and get a general idea of whats inside.

Yes that’s a fair point, I forgot about that, however, they still wouldn’t know if you have something worth getting. I suppose though if you only have the one crate, they could assume there is nothing to gain.

You can “peek” thought the walls, and you also will get the “hot” circles pointing out any boxes or other openable items inside the base (assuming they are fairly near a wall).

I can guarantee you if you have 3-4 boxes and other items in a 1x1 or 1x2 base with a metal door, you’re going to have a wall blown in a hurry! :wink: I actually make/take over decoy bases with those elements to deflect interest from my nearby base(s)

You can also build a bunch of dummy houses with lots of crates in them to make people waste c4 on them and possibly save one of your stash houses for a little while longer. If you have some around one of your stash houses with just trash in them they will probably waste their c4 on the house with more crates than the one with one and if you are lucky they might even waste the last of the c4 they had on it and never get the true loot.

I’ll keep that in mind then, thanks. Still though, I’d be very surprised if someone doesn’t decide to blow it for the hell of it. lol

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The problem is though, is that once again, the resources required to make a ton of dummy houses are much harder to get on your own. Not to mention that people who have enough c4 to blow a bunch of houses probably have the resources to build a lot more c4.

Also, be sure to leverage decaying bases that you come across. The majority of my bases were ones that were “melting” and I simply re-worked them to my needs. (this is on the very busy official servers, but I assume it’s common on most servers)

The latest update seems to have accelerated the rate of decay, so it’s super-common to see bases with no/partial walls in all sorts of shapes & sizes. Oddly enough, shelters still don’t decay anywhere near fast enough.

Don’t forget to repair any “dark” items with wood in your hotbar.

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If they are not hacking, or being “gifted” C4 by the admin, then it’s far too “expensive” to be wasting two C4 charges on a putzy little 1x1 building, there are much bigger fish to fry on most servers! :wink:

In our big base, we have many dummy floors and rooms with empty crates. It servers as a decoy. Then the best part is inside those dummy crates, I’ll fill them up with the starter rocks for laughs.

best thing is just find a very far off location for your base, usually along the waters edge you can find some very very secluded areas with good building room and also can hide your base very well. Even tall ones. We have a great hiding spot that is near 9 floors so far and still cant see it unless you are right in front of it. No one has raided it because no one has found it. and even if they did they would have to get through numerous doors to get anything…in the wood house, we also have enough room to build a metal house right next to it for more secure storage. Like the old adage goes, location location location. It doesnt matter how big or well defended your base is, you cant raid what you cant find. And also, placing a dummy house some where near is a good idea also, if someone does get the idea to follow you chances are they will think that house is your main and waste their resources on it. Had one that got blown open something like 6 times and there wasnt even a handful of coal to be looted from it

MrSandman makes a great point but as a raider IF I did find that I would make a point to come back and raid it. Any wooden shack I break in always, you have to consider vs gathering the shit yourself its almost always more profitable. All I do is break in houses never gather anything myself and yes its way too easy I agree. My team also has about 8 bases ourselves at least well distributed throughout the map, our bigger bases always get attacked and the smaller/medium ones rarely do, hell we have a 3x3 two story wood house next to the hangar and it doesn’t get robbed ever, mind boggling.

Finally we saved up and build a 10x10x10ish metal house which is just an insane maze with well over 200 doors, pretty sure someone would have to be duping c4 to get to the top so it is possible to have a fairly secure base its just complete overkill, then there are all the trick designs which work pretty well but people still find a way through them.

The lesson from my rant here is have tons of bases, most of then in secluded areas including your starter ones, a few in obvious areas, and save up and buld a monster sized maze then more than likely you will only be raided by a hacker or team of 20 but yes I agree that is ridiculous. The game is kind of hard at first but after you get 200 some odd hours into it is really dull at times, but its an alpha. Once you learn the game and map well you see all the stupid mistakes people are doing (i.e. making there starter base by the hangar or some other open field and hanging around there trying to yell “friendly” at people with guns :P)

Yup, people are impatient… Our “main” most-secure base is about a 5-minute walk from the start of any resource area and very “north” on the map. The vast majority of people (12 yer-old PvP’ers) couldn’t be bothered to walk that far exploring.

We had a base partially “melt” due to inactivity, and there was C4 and an M4 openly available in a box, and no one found it! It was in the middle of an open field on an official server with consistently more than 100 people on it! :wink:

Can’t emphasize enough that busy servers will have -tons- of foundations you can take over, with only walls and doorways probably needed, a huge savings in materials. Again, kids get bored, move on to other games/different servers. Look for darkening pillars and walls, and check back daily to see how it’s melting.

If you’re really lucky you might find one in mid-decay that has tons of loot sitting out in the open!

All you need is a 1x1 box in the middle of some rocks and it will never be found…

I thought this was true untill an airdrop fell right by my base, everyone an their mother found my base.

I went to a more secluded rock and built another 1x1 box and logged in a day later and it got raided.

I’d be too impatient for that and I’m 28 =O

What you can find far north in the mountains, you can find in the middle of the looping road.

Yea, this is what I was thinking was the case. Plus, although I’d love to have a 10x10x10 metal base, it’s not something you can just get up and do. lol

I usually pick a hidden spot to build a small base, Thus far I’ve got quite some success, nobody even bothers coming to some of the spots I’ve picked.

I had been tinkering with the idea of creating a base in plain sight. Stuffing it with boxes with hardly any in it and actually using it as an active base. I’d probably move my most valuable resources to either a hidden stash or my hidden base.