A Few Prop Hunt Server Questions

A Couple Warnings first.
My grammar and Spelling may not be the best, Just a warning.
Our server is currently running PropHunt (hide’n’Seek) from Steam Workshop

a quite few of these are small problems but i cannot find a fix myself, after looking though 50 pages of help and support.

The problems im having:

  1. When the server sits idle for awhile it seems to have issues starting another round, Not sure if this is only effecting me.
  2. i couldnt figure out how to ban smaller probs being used,i know it has something to do with sh_config.lua.
    3: players names are showing up when props.

i would appricaite any and all help on this,
Thanks in advance

This is the wrong section to ask really…
Heres what I can help with…

  1. Depends on the admin mod. My advice is using UL as everything works very well.
  2. Re extract the .GMA and put the new extracted folder in gamemodes, replacing the current one.

thanks for the help Knoxville.

Made a mistake, iPad changed ulx to ul, so use ulx as the admin mod.

couldnt find away to ban props using ulx.