a few prop's for a marriage proposal in-game for somone

Hello, somone in my clan is planing to get parried to somone else in my clan , they both met each other in-game , and have been voice chatting for 6 weeks.
Well i am planning on making a present entitie witch conatins a few props from each of them to offer one-another
i would like the model names to not give away whats inside so when they are dowloading , its no give away.

From anarki (male):
-a ring
-a hart (pink)

from elle(female)
-not decided yet

General porps needed:
-a present prop : green wrapping with silver harts on with a pink bow on it

Thanks in advance and i hope you realise this if for a good cause

I will be updating the OP for what elle wants in her present

P.S: I will include credits on screen when they open it (on the hud)

Duuude. That’s retarded.

not at all


“We’ve known each other for six weeks and haven’t even met, herp derp let’s get married”

That’s all it is OP, this is silly.

I agree. Whether this is online or real life. This is very retarded.

I would feel fucking disgraced to get married over a $10 game and not even meeting the person I’m marrying.


Passing Content?
Wasn’t there wedding stuff in there?

i meant when they join the server to download it.
And i do realy need these models whatever you think about the situation.

Regardless of anything, it’s a request…
But then again, should people entertain such stupidity?

Who knows. o.o


Wow, getting married to a gamer somewhere else on God’s Creation that you don’t even know. People are stupid nowadays.

This is laughably dumb.

As said before, use the passing models. If they don’t have the models, give it to them, or make an upload to garrysmod.org like the rest of the people who uploaded l4d models.

I said they would download the models while joining my server.

Then upload them to your fucking server then, duh…

I’m interested to know how old these people are if they’re serious about this.

wtf marry in-game? and what will be next both will have sex in-game using nude ragdolls?

You don’t have sex in-game using nude ragdolls? :colbert:

Mah boi, I’ve been together with a girl in an internet relationship for 10 months now.

Were marriage possible - I still wouldn’t have done it by now.