A few question before I open up ANOTHER Rust server.

I’m assuming my current Rust server is blacklisted, its through Multiplay and its been 8 days since my server fails to appear on the Rust list.
I can play on my server by typing into the console the IP address but its pointless since the server is empty.
Im getting close to the end cycle of the server and will be billed again so I figure I might as well open up a new server and cancel my current server so I can be relisted but before I do that I have a few questions.

1.If I buy a new server from Multiplay will I get a new IP?
2.The blacklist thing isnt tied to my personal IP right? So if I buy a new server it will be listed right?
3.How often do theses sweeping bans go out? I would hate to pay for another server only to have it wrongfully blacklisted again , that would deflate my enthusiasm for this game at that point.

I dont want to try another provider , Ive been with multiplay for over 6 months , Im really used to the clanforge panel and dont feel like learning another server panel.

Its a shame its come to this but I like running my own server cause I hate investing my time in other servers only to see them get wiped. Thank you for the responses in advance, the minute I see the answers to my questions Im opening a new server.
And I hope they fix the blacklist thing, Im not positive Im blacklisted Im assuming since its been 8 days now.

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Lol , well just before I was going to play legacy with my son I decided to check to see if my Rust server was on the list like I have for the last 8 days and to my amazement I’m now listed again, thank you to whoever was responsible for relisting my server.

  1. If they have multiple IPs, I am sure they can move your service over a different IP.

  2. No, its the Server IP.

  3. Facepunch did not get back on what exactly is going on with all those random bans.

I had 2 black listed servers with Revolt, and they just moved me quickly over another node with a different IP and they are both listed just fine now. You should reach out to Multiplay so they move you, or simply change to another host that actually does not take their time to move over customers that are black listed (8 days is quite unacceptable if you ask me)

Hope my two cents helps you. All the best.

FYI Revolt has been permabanned here twice for being an illegal reseller. Think twice about doing business with them.

And, friendly advice, reconsider linking to them. I’m not a mod so I can’t tell you to do anything, but it’s a piece of advice.

Revolt is hosting hundreds of satisfied Rust customers. I can also see them on many reputable sites like Rust Servers (http://rust-servers.net/servers/hosting/), Rust Host, as well as Rudmin & Official Sponsor of Pluton-Team, the first mod & plugins for Rust Experimental. Whatever the fight was about in the past, they do look like a great company to be with judging by how active they are, and how they have great reviews on their Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/revoltgameservers?sk=reviews), and I personally have been with them for months. From Legacy to Experimental. Should perhaps look into what they are doing good, and stop hating them for what they might or might not have done in the past, because it does feel like they help the community. Friendly advice, not a mod or anything :wink:

Edit, I am also quite sure that SuB_- Revolt has been banned because people reported him for sending PM advertising his company. Nothing “illegal” about that.

(User was permabanned for this post ("Alt of revoltservers" - postal))

(User was permabanned for this post ("Alt of revoltservers, trying to pretend to be someone else..." - postal))

I’m quite sure that Sub-Revolt was banned server advertising and PM spam, as well as for offering the dedicated server that he acquired by buying out a company that had legitimately obtained the password in an agreement with garry for Rust server hosting. There may have been some chatter about sharing the password and reselling access itself.

Now that the server files are available to everyone, them having the key is no longer controversial, but this wasn’t very long ago. These posts are from the summer.


Elix beat me to it


thank you postal

My server is back on the Rust list, not sure how but its back.

well i like revolt very friendly unlike official hosts and are very honest.

Lmao this guy is relentless XD

i swear mate, that better not be you again. how many times do you need to be perma-banned?

They are far from honest. If you have any technical knowledge about how hosting works you would realize their services are pretty much scams.

I am pretty sure he needs to be IP banned from the forums.

wtf i make a comment and i get this , fine i thought this was a forum ?
i wont comment from now on i cant see what your problems are ?
i have just bought rust and i get this forget it i will join another forum…bye
i dont know if your a mod but get your facts straight , i ran dayz for two months and decided to give rust a go dont take it out on me because you dont like revolt i was just saying.

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i suggest you both take a leaf out of this guys book, he replied and made is point clear without been abusive to me.

yes, he did. but to be honest, i don’t get how you come to the conclusion that what i said was abusive. if you are artur, you may need to be IP banned because this would be your 3rd/4th alt account. if you are not artur (which by now i am very doubtful of) then you have nothing to worry about.