A few questions about DarkRP


I have figured out my first question, but the 2nd still stands.

THings like “use /call to call someone” keep appearing in chat and I would like to remove/change what they say. Where are these located?

The script that play them in chat I don’t really know, but the tips are at

Hah, found where it is, at the main.lua file, go to line 773:

local function GiveHint()
if GetConVarNumber(“advertisements”) ~= 1 then return end
local text = LANGUAGE.hints[math.random(1, #LANGUAGE.hints)]

for k,v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
	TalkToPerson(v, Color(150,150,150,150), text)


timer.Create(“hints”, 60, 0, GiveHint)

that is the function that plays the hints