A few questions about Garry's Mod

I am new to modeling for Garry’s Mod, and i just made my first skin, and i am going to start to model.
I have Blender, and i am asking, do you need Source SDK to import your models to Garry’s Mod?

Second, Can you use Blender to model for Garry’s Mod?

Last, Is there a link someone can give me to a tutorial on how to model, and import your model into Garry’s Mod?


  1. I stand slightly corrected, see below
  2. I think so
  3. Here
  1. you don’t need it, but it is better if you have it installed.

When i try to download Source SDK from Steam, i get:

“The Steam servers are currently too busy to handle your request.”

any help?

wait a bit, and make sure your download regions are set correctly.

What do you mean by “regions”

in steam settings, look around a bit, if you look yourself, most problems get solved, that’s how i know all this stuff about computers and things, i very, very rarely ask for help, so i don’t spoon feed people when they ask me.