A few questions about garys mod...

First off:

Yay. Purple filler boxes on my hands:


Also, Im new to GMOD, so is there a reason I cannot spawn certain props (TF2 Models) In GMOD servers?


EDIT: I see I may have the answer to the first question, but i’d still like to know.

the server you’re going on also has to have the models / crap you want to spawn. IE; it may not have tf2 installed.

Thank you sir.

Still need an answer for 1. Do I need HL2 for the arms? I know they are part of Gordons HEV suit.

Yes i quess so because i have hl2 and i have the arms.

I don’t have HL2, and the hands work fine. Do you have a Source game installed? (Yay for stupid questions which answers are obvious.) Maybe Garry’s Mod didn’t install properly?