A few questions concerning cheaters.cfg

-Garry, http://garry.tv/post/21903800166/cheaters-in-gmod

I understand that I am very late. I rarely find the time to check up on the blogs of my favorite developers, but after viewing his blog recently, I’ve found myself with questions about this implementation.

Does the new anti-cheating system affect every person that has a clientside addon? Or does it search out only the addons that modify the aim, textures, speed, ect. ?

My main concern is not against cheat-prevention. Implementing this system is a great idea, and the system could be very successful. But where do we draw the line with cheating?
For instance, what of the case of clientside minimaps? such an addon could be used for either admin related purposes or to explore a map better. Many clientside applications such as the previous example fall into a grey area.

My largest concern would be experimental addons and harmless clientside addons (A media player to play music without the use of a second program, for example) causing a player to become permanently banned from the community without warning.

If you do not try to bypass scriptenforcer you have nothing to worry about.