A few questions (New to GMOD)

These may seem stupid to you but please, bear with me, I’m still new to GMOD.

  1. Everything seems so bright outside on daytime maps. Nighttime maps are fine but on day maps everything seems over-saturated with bloom. Even my ragdolls (Kleiner in particular) glow in the light. Is there any way to fix this without totally turning down the brightness?

  2. Inside the little bunker on GM_Construct it is incredibly dark, and I tried using the Light STool to fix that, but with even one light on, no matter the brightness, my FPS drops substantially. It’s not a killer drop, but it’s incredibly annoying and noticable. I tried searching for a different STool (the lamps don’t provide nearly enough light) Are there any alternatives or fixes for this?

  3. I don’t have CS:S, and I’ve been playing on an RP server where all the guns they use use CS:S textures and models. I was wondering if I were to download a mod that REPLACES CS:S textures on weapons, would the server’s weapons no longer show up as pink and black to me?
    Also on this same server, I can see the models of everyone else’s weapons, but when I try to equip one myself, I don’t see the model, just a large error over my head. Is this caused by not having CS:S as well?

Thank you for your patience, and thank you in advance for any help you offer.

1: Turn the bloom off. There are two places to do this.
Options -> Video -> Bloom
Q Menu -> Post Processing -> Bloom.
Make sure both are off.

2: Lower your graphics settings (Make sure AA and Filtering are set to the lowest possible for example).

3: Buy CSS