A few questions regarding building in Rust

so I haven’t played Rust in several months, and I noticed that for some reason it doesnt let you place pillars on the foundation corners, only in the dead center. Anyone know why?
Also, i cant place pillars if there is already a ceiling built.

What are these weird new wall frame and floor frame for? I can assume floor frame is for trapdoors and stuff but what is wallframe for?

yes the kiddies complained too much piller placing so they changed it

wall frame your on about is for double doors i think

so how do i make my building stable now?

Unless you have huge open rooms, then just build it normally?
What are you actually doing that makes you worry?

Build as normal Xland44. you just have to have pillars in your way on every foundation. They are not placeable on triangle foundations however which you may have already realised. I cant understand for the life of me why this decision was made. They are an annoyance now. They should revert back to the four corners.

My bases are 5 floors high without any pillars.