a few questions regarding NPC scripting

Ok, now i got my NPC to work, i am looking for someone (On here, not recruiting) to help me with some other credentials. My NPC i wanted was a SAS guy from CSS, here, yall can see for yourselves that it wasnt working. (It was, but everytime there should be an animation of the npc puttig his gun down to run or just stand there, his gun would fall to the ground, and everytime an npc should bring their gun up to shoot, it would fly up, and shoot, and fall back to the ground. all this while he being tposed.) Anyone know how to fix this? Remember, I am a newbie, five days in training, so dont just copy and paste a method, i want some explainations so i can learn from my mistake. also, I would like to know how to create spawn icons and finnally, can I put multiple NPC scripts in the same file, Ex. Dood NPCs, and the txt file containing all the NPCs?