A Few Questions Regarding Scripting Entities

Hey Everyone, I’ve just recently started trying to make a simple singleplayer map and I’ve already had a few problems and I was wondering if i could get some help.

1.) I have citizens who are set to be in an animation, for example, sit_ground. However when I start the map the citizen is standing.

2.) I have a combine walk out of a building but when he does all the citizens flip out and scream “CP!” and run away. How do i make it so the citizens stay put in their current animation and ignore the combine?

I’ll Post if i have any more questions, thanks!!

How are you telling your NPCs to sit? You can prevent them from deviating by using scripted_sequences.

As for the second problem. You can prevent the citizens from freaking out by telling them to treat the metrocop as friendly. Add a logic_auto entity to your map and on the ‘OnMapSpawn’ function, tell the ‘npc_citizen’ entities to use the SetRelationship command with an override of ‘npc_metropolice’.

Let me know if you have any problems with that.

This works for the !player too? I want my combine to stop fucking shooting the player during intro sequence! I got the gunship to stop by setting the grace period to 9999, but the combine are stubborn as hell, unless i remove their weapons, put they just stand there like morons pointing at me with their pretend ‘air guns’ :v: