A few questions, SWEPs, Weapons Tab

Hey guys, im kinda mad right now, and trying not to go spam the forums.

But I have the most retarded DarkRP files in the history of Retarded Game files.

Alright, well first off, Im using Evolve just to clarify.

Okay, so my first question, “How do I stop people from spawning weapons from the weapons tab when holding “Q””
-Yes I’ve tried that rp_adminsweps command, and I’ve tried looking for a lua file for the weapon, and changing the AdminSpawnable. I honestly don’t know the hells going on, and I’ve removed the Evolve Restriction for weapons. So far, no doe.

Second question, “How do I change what weapons players spawn with?” Yeah Arrest Sticks come with spawn, that came default with my DarkRP. I was WTFing so hard, Im honestly pissed. Yeah, I’ve tried rp_adminsweps 1, for this too, but instead it removed all my weapons. Stupid game.

Third and Final Question, “How do I get my Hunger/Sleep/PooPee Mod working?”
Yes, I’ve placed it into my DarkRP>Modules folder, and yes, I’ve made a FusionRP folder and did the same, cause ingame it said it was missing. But sadly, no hunger bar, OR an Armor bar.

Thanks for all the help, this is VERY much appreciated.


bumpp --:smiley:

Redownload darkrp? Hunger mod can be enabled in the admin tab.

I think there’s a value that’s something like rp_adminsspawnwithcopweapons or something like that. That’s why you spawn with them. I can’t really help you with any of your other problems. Good luck.

O; thanks for the reply. But yeah, im still trying to figure out how to fix the spawning weapons thing. But if you have helped me i think i’d give u like 30000 cookies.

Omg anyone that can help me, please do.

“rp_AdminsSpawnWithCopWeapons” not working.

hhmmmm, none of these commands are working for you?

Did you download darkrp through svn?

I just redownloaded it, and I had to manually go Add-ons>counter-strike>lua>weapons> and change the sweps from spawnable true to spawnable false. D:

you got some strange darkrp problems.