A few questions

I’m pretty new to Lua scripting, so I just have a few questions.

  1. Is there a Gmod Lua API that I can use to view all of the methods and such that I can use to assist me in my scripting?

  2. Is there anyway to extract the models from Command & Conquer Renegade into Garry’s Mod, so that I can use those sounds/models to make unique Sweps?

I’m sure I’ll bother you guys with a ton more questions, but this is my first :wink:

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Seriusly thought, There’s the wiki “http://wiki.garrysmod.com/” and thats all you need boi!

For your second question I have to say that you um, yeah i think you can probably, i dont know i’ve never modeled. (HEY FUCK YOU DONT RATE ME DUMB FOR THIS)

Awwwww yeeeee. Bring on the ton more questions!

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Ignore everything that Derek said.

Wiki can be found here. The official GMod wiki was wiped for Gmod 13 so there’s nothing useful there anymore. And you’d need to know a ton about different model formats to import C&C content into Gmod. Start small.

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EDIT: Thank you Agent, I’ve been there, I’m looking for documentations though, like a list of all the methods and stuff, do you know where I would go about looking for this?

You’re giving him bad advice. Please don’t try and help other people when you have no idea whatyou’re doing.

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Over on the left has the “Functions” and “Hooks” menus. That should be about everything, but I recommend going through the tutorials. Then when you start coding, search when you need to. If you want to play a sound for a player, try looking first under the “Player” entity. If you can’t find it (PlaySound is actually a HUD thing), then try and search for a function along the lines of what you’re doing. Staying with my previous example, I searched for “PlaySound” and found the function **[Surface.PlaySound


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Thank you Agent, I have experience with a couple of OOP languages, so I understand how a majority of it works, just not the Garry’s Mod instances, which I found the links I need, so thanks again.

If you need to look up what something does then this site is pretty good. It has mirrors for LuaSearch, LuaBin, and Old Gmod Wiki.