A few questions

Ok just got Gmod and I have a good 3 questions. 1. I have both css and TF2, I am temp using a netbook to play for the next month and TF2 wont even run on it, do I need tf2 installed to get ragdolls and such for Gmod? 2. How cpu heavy is this game? and 3. When I try to join a game, it downloads a hella lot of files and then says i dont have the map file, how can I fix this? Thanx.

  1. I believe you do. Not sure tough.
  2. Depends on the map and the models and… pretty much everything.
  3. Download the needed map file from the Garry’s Mod database, www.garrysmod.org

Ok thanx. I am hesitant to go online now after hearing about people having their steam accounts stolen through Gmod ><

You can’t have your account just “stolen” through Gmod.