A few questions

Sorry if this is in the wrong place to post but I’m making a Dark RP server and I just need to know a few things. I already know how to install mods, ban and other stuff, but it’s just that I’ve never owned an RP server and I’m not sure what to do. Well first of all, where do I download the gametype Dark RP? And where do I put it in? Also what are some good Dark RP mods, and where can I find them? Like in the Best Serious RP server they have mod where you can just grow your drugs or create a lab, but in others, you buy it. Can someone clarify this for me? And one more thing, how do I set up admin only tools for my server? Thanks.

No replys? come on now.

To quote the sticky:

The help forum is up there! ^^
Not down here! vv

You’re in the wrong section. You should ask a mod to move it and then you may get answers.

Nahh I think here’s good since it’s not a problem with running gmod but a general question.

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