A few random pics, including my first scenebuilds







I was all like “Fuck, school again after 5 days off. The only way out is suicide”

After coming into this thread I’m all like “Everything is wonderful c:”

Fuck, this makes me want to abandon my WWI series and go back lasers and dinosaurs.

Oh my… This is outrageously beatiful.

jesus…jesu J JESUS JESUS christmas

Last two are absolutely fantastic.

This makes me want to kill myself, thank you :saddowns:
Mindblowingly awesome.

The second to last and the last are awesome.

Saren, on an over-sized T-Rex with plasma cannons on it’s back?

Fuck. Yes.

Oh wait, private Geth?!

Fuck. You.

The picture still wins, though. How long did it take to make that?

Geth aren’t private: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=93623
Rate me wrenches.

Wow, those look great man! The Zoey Ellis picture is amazing.


Fucking amazing pictures you have there.

Jesus fucking christ on a mothefucking stick

I fucking demand tutorials :mad:

And rate me clox.

Wait, what the fuck.

Halo 3 Elites?!


And I feel discouraged to make anything again ever anytime anywhere :frown:

this resumes my reaction to the sheer epicness of your stuff

If Saren had thought of that in ME1, he’d have been unstoppable.

Only Agent Strelnikov could have saved us.

That’s how I feel all the fucking time because no one is willing to teach anything to anyone

Fuck that shit


Great, now I can’t upload any avatars

Is there no stop to you about the private model :v:

Yeah, to give them to him

Well fuck me.

Jealous-o-meter: 9002%.

How the hell do you do that? The last pic is just.

I have no words to use.

And this.

Yes i am whiny bitch.

//Mind me editing it?
//Or not, i will fail anyways.

Holy shit! That was amazing!