A few recent poses. Includes a Tyranid, space outlaws, operators, and some marines.

Yeah, had some of these sitting around for a while and wanted to post them. Not entirely sure why as every one of them failed to meet my plans for them, but who cares.

Made the pose for the guy on the left just after my First Contact picture, which was something like a month or two ago. Finally finished the picture an hour or so ago, and still don’t like how it turned it. Should’ve planned it before posing it, tbh.

And because I know some of you like to go ‘hurrr you messed up da isolation’ here’s a bigger version. Just a heads up, it’s fairly huge.

This one I made while testing skins, had an idea while testing, posed it, cba to edit it and this fell out.

And this one was supposed to be a big jungle fight but once again I got bored half way through. Once again, ceebs to edit it.

I’m not sure I remember posing or editing this one, but found it in my screeny folder so here you go. Think I was testing torch effects, didn’t go too well.

I’m really struggling for ideas tbh.

You know the drill, I’m always welcome to comments. Also want to see if more pics per post = more comments or not.

Glad someone else at least can find motivation and ideas :slight_smile:

pretty much mind blown

Is that last guy holding a magical thing?

Ellis looks so fucking badass.

Barely mate, barely.

He’s holding his hopes and dreams.


Yeah, good job. Criticizing one image and disregarding the others. :downs:

The first one is… okay. The camera angle and positioning of the characters is really cool, as is the posing, but the effects look pretty sketchy and the editing is generally excessive. The alien model is noticeably ugly too.

I love that British infantry picture though. I might have a crack at editing that. Where did the lovely L85 model come from there?

I’d like to say “tee hee, Angry Baker going back to his old ways”… but he’s not online on Steam.

Wait I’m so confused. There’s just too many of you fellas. 5omeone, Angry Baker… okay so Angry Baker is making pictures and being useful like he has turned over a new leaf. So who are you?

My head hurts.

Someone has anger issues. The pose isn’t perfect, but who pissed in your cheerios?

'kay, 'tis true. I feel touched that you went back to doing pictures for my lil pose.

Yep, first one is pretty terrible on the effects front. Got kinda bored and starting pressing random buttons. And yes, the alien is a fugly chap, but was sadly the only thing I had at the time. I mainly just wanted to post it because I spent a fair bit of time doing the chap on the left.

L85 comes from here with the SUSAT edited on from an l85 from some mod I found a while back, think it was called Forsaken.

that’s because i’m not angry baker

who am i? who are you?

anger issues? i sound mad?
you’re the angry sounding one here, buddy. “big, gay, ragey baby”? what are you, in junior high? fucking kids.

why would i bother critiquing “test shots” and shots he got “bored halfway through” in? i criticized the first image, which should be (and is) the main focus of the thread. if he doesn’t have enough motivation to even attempt to make a picture presentable, i’m not going to bother pointing out how shitty it looks (because he already knows).

oh great,the “hurr,picture isn purfect so i is gonna troll” guy is back…

valid, legitimate criticism is trolling. sure.

Judging by your name it’s 10569, who is probably 60569(or something very similar) and by your avatar and critiquing on the actual pictures, Cyber Velociraptor, who is Angry Baker(I’m assuming.)


sorry, bucko. my avatar flashes yellow-to-red. not red-to-yellow.

which was me all along

“cyber velociraptor” isn’t a person. it’s an avatar.

Whatever man…

Yeah, you kind of do. And no, actually.

Some of your points are valid, specifically the 'nid’s blurring and the guy in the background cluttering the picture, and the last pic’s flashlight sucks pretty hard, but you kind of put it in the most assholish matter possible.

you’re the one resorting to ad hominems. at no point in any of my posts did i have a tone of anger.

so? angry baker scientifically experimented with kinder criticism for several weeks and the only result was more talentless no-lifes suckling on his teats for handouts.