A few Red people screwing about



I think this is a pretty good pose, but there are some odd things about it. The posing is pretty good, so is the fingerposing, but the engineer’s faceposing is a bit odd. I don’t know if that was intentional or not, though. The soldier’s mouth also looks a bit odd. There is a small lighting problem on the spy’s arm, but that’s most likely a model problem, so sorry. The fingerposing on the soldier holding the shotgun is very good, so is the sniper holding the SMG. His body looks a tad off, though. Your personal skin( think) looks a bit out of place. I’d say this is a pretty good pose, on a scale of one to ten this would be an eight or nine. keep up the good work.

Why must people pointlessly use their personal skin and ruin nice screenshots…

Wtf is with the spy, engie, and the spy’s head?

The spy and engineer are gay? :o

because they can


also the engineer is putting the blue spy’s on on the red spy while he’s asleep, so when he wakes up he’ll be scared shitless because of the head right in his face


Dustbowl 1-1 near the primary blu exit?

Engie was putting the head on the Spy so when he woke up, He would scream at the head :V