A Few Requests to make please?

After playing Gmod last night, I had a good Idea, but it involves somthing I can’t do within the time I have. I need a modifacation for the drunk combine, as Barney, and I have a great idea for some of the commands for my comic script:

rape: do rape and play sound: Ba_headhumpers

normal walking grunting sounds: Ba_ woops, and other Ba_ pian sounds

New Comands:

Beer1: Ba_CatchMeLtr

Beer2: Ba_aboutthatbeer

spaz: self explanitory

and also, is there anywhere I can find the Ep.2 Vortigaunt Docter Player model?

Also, I think usig a ragdoll might be enough for this comic, but could anyone make a drunk vortigaunt just for fun?


rape: rape playsound Vo_vortgesetalala

no sounds for walking please?

New commands:

die: fall down until you exit the e2 chair.

runbitch: play exosounds “Runbitch” while walking 3x speed

That is all, please inform me if anyone has already made these, I will be please if they are made.

I’m not too sure if anyone will help you seen as there have been alot of rants about the drunken combine already.

I’m not wanting this for server fun, I’m wanting them for a easier way to make a classic drunken dumpster diving comic.