A few requests?

A few things I would like to request for GMod is an update to pose the TF2 Engie’s face. I can’t even select it with the face poser. And maybe for the “Depots to mount”, there could be Left 4 Dead? Just asking.

L4D isn’t going to be mountable by Gmod because it would further abandon users with lower end computers.

That’s been said a lot.

Face Poser works with TF2 models, that ring just doesn’t show up.

L4D stuff can’t be added, because the models use a different model type then other Source games, and the L4D version of the engine likes to shit all over weaker computers.

Please look through the forums for awhile before requesting thing that have been requested (and shot down…) countless times.

Model type is the same, format used to store the files is different.

But yeah, L4D would require everyone to upgrade pretty much so their pc can handle at least directX 9 and quite a few people use laptops here.

Funny if they made a Dr haxx that shot pilz and covered someone in pillz and then the right mouse button was to fire a louis ragdoll