A few ( Semi Quick ) changes that will make this game go a long way. + more Suggestions

**Stuff that I believe should happen very soon:

** make it so sleepers take bleeding damage, radiation , Cold, Heat and FALL Damage. ****
EDIT: Also make the cave not one giant hitbox that is impossible to hit anything in thanks!

EDIT: ** ** Make all low tier armor/weapons/tools etc Build into ( be a crafting item ) for Higher Tier Equipment, This keeps every item you make for the game relevant and useful. ( Even when rust gets into the higher tech ages, they will still be useful. ) **

0.1) Make it so that buildings/Objects placed that are not maintained or used for a period of time Decay and get destroyed. ( This goes a long to way helping server crowded feel and performance )
** Make it so that people have to maintain their structures, make it so lower amounts of players cannot maintain Gigantic structures alone.

  1. Rename Repair Bench to Work Bench

  2. Add the Work Bench Buff back to the game ( increases crafting time drastically )

  3. Make blueprints only study-able at workbench

  4. Add some sort of Tech Tree ( for researching new tech, it takes time, resources and a Science bench )

  5. Remove Random Barrels or replace them with skeleton with a bag that has some supplies but nothing that would have kept the bones guy alive ( such food/water or perishables maybe remove blueprints from them as well )

  6. Instead of “Rad Towns” Add compounds such as Vaults, Army Depots, Research Facilities. All of these Should be Multi Floor/Levels either up or down. The outside will be shit loot the inside is more radioactive but better loot.

  7. Add those Robots from the dev blog + more robots that guard the above mentioned facilities; add more AI that players can fight against Like Bandits, Robots, Tribals, and Animals.

  8. Add more Animals or someway to find more animals.

  9. Make the players who placed objects able to remove them, add a feature that allows your friends to remove them as well but nobody you don’t specifically add.

  10. Fix the Sleeping bag UI so you can have your placed sleeping bags on one tab and “Assigned” bags on another that is scroll-able.
    ** Also make it so you have to accept a sleeping bag assignment. ( Press Tab and click on the Invitation or it times out )

  11. Add Up/Down buttons ( NumberWang ) to all splitting bars. ( allows you to easily choose specific numbers )

  12. Seasons, Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter

  13. Blowout/environmental events like storms/blizzards/sandstorms/radiation blowouts, animal swarms/stampedes something that can happen every now and then

  14. Make the Landmarks ( Water Towers, Satellites etc ) Have some sort of special buff/Feature / Event that can be battled over, Make it like rad towns where you can’t build directly on/near them
    ** Could be anywhere from, tech tree additions, to Calling down a Robot/Airdrop, Adding some sort of buff like being able to turn on the lighthouse light and shine it, or anything you can imagine.

** Other Things/ Wish List: **

  1. Add Meteor Shower Event ( Radioactive, Dangerous when falling can destroy buildings, but value-able as fuel, weaponry, or anything else you can think of )

  2. Fishing , Using Spears like in Stomping Land, and fishing pole like in the old blog pictures.

  3. More Animals that can be used as Armor, Like Large Turtles, Yaks/Buffalo, Crocodile/Alligator, Scales from a Scaly monster, and other things.

  4. More Boss monsters like the Robot the Community Blog showed.

  5. Horses, Small Horse Bags, Mules, LARGE Mule Bags, Carts

  6. Siege Machines like catapults, Batter Rams, that must be built on location by an expert with lots of materials.

  7. More Traps.

More to come!

** These changes will do the following: **

Remove naked blueprint running,

Make the game last longer,

add more content,

Adds more of a survival aspect,

Fixes problems with “demolish”,

Fixes sleeper exploits,

Adds faster crafting,

Adds a tech tree to make the game have a tech progression that is not completely random and terrible.

Makes the end game not only about raiding but also about killing the boss mobs, the AI and Surviving Blowouts and other events.

Adds Something for Players to fight over ( Landmarks and their bonuses/Features and Facilities and their loot/AI to kill )

The decay helps prevent the server feeling to crowded and boosts server performance, it will also add a cap on how big players bases can be by making it a maintenance cost IE one single person can’t maintain a GIGANTIC Base, it would decay.

This should be interesting for you, it’s the mindmap of Rust:

Thanks, it did interest me; Though I think that mindmap is kinda old, but yeah it’s good they have that.

Still most of the stuff I posted here is not on that mindmap. I really hope they can get at least some of the more important ones in, Such as More AI, more things to fight over, Such as Landmarks/Areas, Making all Equips/Tools/Weps etc Build into a new item to make it stay viable as a resource even when everything is end game. And of course the workbench.

I am not a fan of the research kit, I think it makes the game too easy, but I Also hate the current barrel system, they need to replace it with something more robust, like The Facilities that are guarded by Robots/Mutants/Bandits/Animals and More dangerous AI to Kill/Farm Risk to Kill.

Oh and more Survival aspects like the Blowouts/Meteorological events and environmental hazards/AI .

Oh yea, it’s like 3 months old. I mean they are actively updating it, but those updates are probably weeks old by now.