A Few Simple Questions - How do I fix these things?

Why are some of my infodecals not appearing?

Why is my Train moving horizontally down the track and not vertically? How do i make it run vertically?

How do i set a fade point, or fog?

If you wouldn’t mind, since I’m learning, to explain to me why these aren’t functioning correctly, that’d be great.

The center point of the infodecal’s entity has to be exacly on the wall (on the grid), not 1+ unit away from it.

If your train’s only going to move in a straight line, you might as well use func_movelinear. Otherwise, you have to set how the train’s going to orient.


I suggest you use info_overay instead of a decal. Similar thing, except that you can define which faces it is applie to, and resize the material.

Thank you and thank you.

One more question that i forgot to ask.

I want ambient sounds, so i put i made an entity called Ambient_generic all i’ve done is set the sound of witch it plays, and currently, there is no sound when i run the map, so what do i need to do to make ambient noises work?

Is the “Start Silent” in Flags ticked?

Unchecked the flag “Start Silent”?


You guys never fail to disappoint. thanks for all your help.