A few small improvement ideas

Ok so here are just a few things that maybe should be changed/fixed/improved.

Laser sight: This seems to appear behind the weaponand runs along the top, i beleive that a laser sight comes from beneath the barrel so this just needs to be moved down imo. Just a small adjustment.
The recoil on 9mm Pistol: I think the amount of recoil on the 9mm Pistol, is a tad excessive and could be reduced we are not firing magnums here.
Slanting Doors: when i say slanting doors i mean when you place a nut on a slant it slants, fair enough but the door remains straight, that should slant accordingly too i reckon.
More Resource Areas: I dont mean a huge amount of resource areas, but maybe more spread out. At the moment you have all the “big groups” building around resource areas and then others are left in deserted areas. Again just a minor fix for the resource hogging.
Camp fires: maybe add something for campfires to shelter from the blistering light gave off. Ofcourse there is going to always be light given off its a fire, however if you have just started and need to cook your stuff, you should be able to be slightly more discreet about it. (im not too fussed about this one, its more of a personal preference)
Start With Ration Pack: Ok again this is just a small one, it might be handy just to be able to start with a ration pack. It can be hard keeping that hunger bar up at first so it makes sense to me to start with some rations.
VOIP: Ok so im going to put the notorious VOIP in my list seeing as everyone including myself wants this implemented. In my opinion i would highly prioritize this as this solves a number of problems in one including the KOS (Killing on sight) and Letting people know your friendly, yes those too tie together, it just looks more dramatic when they look like two separate solutions :slight_smile: but this is maybe not so much a minor adjustment/fix its a slightly larger scale implementation.

These are just a few things that can be done to make the game a little more polished. If you dont agree thats fine, but if you dont please suggest what YOU think should be done! Thankyou.