A few STALKER ports

[release]These are my very first encounters with a modelling program at all, I know only how to port models from STALKER (and even that sometimes fails).
One pack has my first failed model attempts included so try to ignore them and some models have funky collision models. Excuses aside,
I just thought maybe some of you are interested in these models. I’ve had them on Garrysmod.org for a little while now.


** http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=108583****

** ** http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=109347****

** http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=110426**

They look good, but upload the pictures to somewhere like filesmelt, and then img_thumb them, and use link to the file at the bottom of the garrysmod.org page.

No problem, gimme a minute.



ravioolz buddy want to do me a little favour please.

i got stalker up the stairs someware but dont really want to install it just for a few models.

any chance you can bring me out some buildings for a mod i doing.

ps: if you got call of pyrat can you get me the sports centre & ship?.

you can mail me the raw files & ill do the rest of the work ty…

pps: anything you need in return i shure i can help :wink:

Are you serious?


Looks pretty good. The flashlight will be especially useful.

Yeah, dude. What?

The models are really useful, and it’s been a while since someone ported anything from stalker at all. If there’s any way that you can port more models like the ones above I’d definitely appreciate it, maybe barbed wire fences or sandbags?

Filesmelt fucking sucks.

Also really useful pack.

what what what :stuck_out_tongue:

i know how to get them out but you doing me a huge favour?.. anyone jnow how much work in modding lol.

i just started an area51 base “that gos along with the 7 other locations iv half done”, along with rigging, sorting optimizeing about 4000 models.

i missing too much, i still need an oil rig & might jump to mw2 for that.

so any little helps.

ps: us modders make mods for you & it a shitload of work & there nothing better than a story mod :wink:

Well, most of the stuff is inside the actual map files so maybe you can point me to a map and the prop’s rough location in it and I can find it for sure.

I’ll go ahead and make a quick run-through to find some interesting things.

would be better of knowing what you need amez?.

anyhoo, anyone can point me in the direction of getting the sports centre from pyrat aswell as the wrecked ship & maby an oil rig would be awsome :slight_smile: