A few suggestions - Doors/Housing

Just bought this last week, and I’m loving it! There are a couple things that are driving me crazy however:

  1. Add “door permissions”. Would be awesome to allow friends/people to use your doors with maybe some options like; Only if you’re online also, pin code, anytime, or never. I do like how it locks so random people have to blow it up.
  2. On that same note, being able to remove items you place. Pillars, doors, foundations, walls, storage boxes etc. There have been plenty of times I accidentally place a pillar in the wrong spot and then you’re screwed for that location. Would be nice to be able to move stuff around your house once it’s placed.

That’s really it! Would be awesome if/when these are implemented!

Both are in the works, its coming

Awesome!!! I figured it was planned. :slight_smile: THank you Daniel!