A few Suggestions For Rust (Game mechanics and New Items )

First of all I would like to thank the devs for this amazing game, I have been thoroughly enjoying the game. I really like the idea of sleepers and have been playing on a sleeper server since their release as I think it adds some realism and makes more of point to raiding as so many people logout with all their gear if someone even so much walks past there house at night on regular servers which I feel completely ruins the immersion of the game.

It also makes more of point for players to build proper bases which are well fortified. As well as encouraging more friendly interaction with other players or risk then coming to raid whilst your offline in your house

I have couple of suggestions for improvements to mechanics and well as more items which I feel that may have place in rust. Certainly some of these have been suggested before but I have done a few searches and some of them have not.

Safe -
Crafting in 3 parts Safe Body- 50 Low Grade Metal (750 Metal Fragments) and Safe Door 10 Low Grade Metal (150 Metal Fragments) Key 1 Low Grade Metal (15 Fragments

Safe body would act as 3 x 3 loot box until a safe door was placed on the outside of the box. They can only be accessed from the front

I have seen that they are planning to add key system which would work very well for this meaning that your friends can have access to the safe however they would have to be careful in case they lose the key which would make your safe easily compromised.

They would be fully indestructable to melee damage requiring 1 explosive charges to blow the door off which would then make the safe accessible to everyone and 3 charges to completely destroy the safe. If your safe door gets blown up you should be able to replace it with another but you would have to replace all the keys as the old keys would not work with the new door.
each key would cost 1 low grade metal an

If keys are not implemented then I would suggest a combination lock for the safe. It also would be a very rare blueprint making it for late game players but that said 900 Fragments is not that hard to gather and would be a toss up between building weapons and armour or safes.

**Doors - **

Being able to have two states of doors when they are either locked or unlocked, if they are locked you are the only one capable of opening them. If you leave a door unlocked which might be a bit risky as anyone could open it like in real life

I would suggest a similar mechanic to camp fire and furnace with press E to open or Hold E to lock and unlock doors. Locking and unlocking doors would take maybe 5 seconds like in real life. if the plan is to implement keys in the future as mentioned above I think it would useful system rather than giving everyone in your group a key especially for internal rooms and shared storage.

**Ladders - ** 2 Variants. Wooden Ladder (Wood planks x 5) and a Metal Ladder (Low grade Metal x 5) each ladder

Deployable ladders which are made from either metal or wood, they could clip on to the side of the wall or stand in the centre of the foundation. They would be extremely useful for raiding structures (Think Medieval Siege ladders). They would not need pillars to support them like ramps however ladders placed in the middle would need a ceiling tile with a hole in middle.

Both wooden and metal ladders can be destroyed by melee meaning they are not a form of permanent grief and should have a very fast decay time if not used within 24 hours for Wood and 72 hours for metal ladders if they are exposed to the elements and longer if they are inside. Metal ladders should also be able to place on wooden foundations which leads me to me next suggestion.

**Trap doors **- Wood Trap Door ( 20 x wood ) Metal Trapdoor ( 35 x Metal Fragments)

As suggested above adding a ceiling tile with hole in the centre with which can have a ladder attached to it and can also been covered with a trap door providing extra security for upper floors It would also allow you to use your stair room for more storage and would not block any doors downstairs like the current stairs do.

Metal trap doors would take 1 explosive charge to destroy and wood ones could be destroyed by using melee.

They could also be set into a trap mode so if player walks on them they would swing open and the player could fall through the hole in floor which you could use to build special trap rooms around the house to deter invaders. Once fall damage gets implemented which Imagine it will this could be used an effective way to deter raiders.

Metal Stairs and Ramps -

Simple point here I think metal stairs and ramps should be able to be placed on wooden foundations it would go along way to prevent ceiling grief which can ruin a whole base whilst the stairs can destroyed with charges and does not fully prevent people from destroying them it but it would make it uneconomical to do so.

**Wood buildings - **

Wood walls and buildings are currently are very thin and you can see through them however they can only be destroyed by explosive charges.I think you should be able to destroy wood walls, pillars and ceilings with a Pick axe or other implements however I think it should take a really long time example maybe 40 minutes to an hour for walls, ceilings and foundations and maybe 10-15 minutes for pillars.

You should be able to construct reinforcement bars to place against the wall which would add to total health of the wall say up to 5 which would cost 1 plank each to craft and would make it a lot more resistant to melee maybe a wall taking upwards of 4 or more hours to destroy

I think you should also be able to produce metal cladding for the walls which would make it completely resistant to melee damage requiring 2 low grade metal per wall and 4 per ceiling. It would also mean players could not see through the walls to check weather there is person in the house. If walls and ceilings were reinforced with metal cladding it would take 3-4 charges to fully destroy a wall but would give less protection than metal walls.

It would also increase the decay timer and mean you would not have to completely rebuild your base out of metal walls unless you wanted the greater protection.

Foundations with structures on cannot be destroyed without

Armour, tools and Weapon Condition -

Say you’re wearing the some sort of clothes and you get hit by a bear, wolf or you get shot, this would cause damage to your clothing. I would suggest a couple of levels of damage to clothing maybe using similar system to minecraft armour damage or have armour go through a few stages where as it takes more damage it becomes less resistant. An example of the stages would be new, slightly damaged, worn and destroyed.

I think the same would apply for tools the could be repaired at the workbench for a material cost.

Guns : Make a couple of kinds of ammunition which affects the weapons accuracy . Player made ammo would not be as good as ammo looted from zombies and chests. It would be more prone to Misfires and jamming which means if you were using player made rounds there would be chance for it to fail when you needed it the most. You may be able to craft better ammo but you would need an ammo press or something similar which would be very expensive to craft and become an end game item.

Tools: Would take damage based on their usage and could be repaired using the workbench and would have similar states as armour an example would be Sharp, Blunt, Worn and Rusty. This would affect how quickly you can collect rocks and wood piles and overall damage for the melee weapons.

Sorry for the long post I hope you guys like some of the suggestions posted

Some of them are good ideas.
My two cents: Signs.

I would also like this.
I have a sort of community chest on the PvE server where I dump blueprints, weapons and srmour. It would be cool to label it to make it easier to see

Yep, would make sorting shit a lot easier…

this is great!

Some nice ideas, Signs would be useful to tell people your a friendly tho they would attack just the same. On this note ladders would be used for raiding so can we have ladders for defence? I would like to see cloth used to make rope maybe and with this we can use wood to make rope ladders, pressing E allows the owner to pull the ladder up. Could be useful for the terrain in the new map when it releases. http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1317848