A few suggestions for you

listen. so very well. from the railroad.

I think. should be rt. along the way. close. they will even make a train station. or shop. supermarket.

as if the train had to leave. from rt. to be picked. like an oil rig. when you’re on a boat.

you get an event. even whole. the event train moves across the server. I think the desert is a good place. I would make it there or would like to see it. you can think of something. like with a button. excavator. sorry. signal can be given. that the train was hijacked. think a little easier. I just wanted to do it. from the point of view of the game. know how airdrop. you can see him. visual signaling.

understand how you need two mouths. the train leaves from rt.
and train. passes rt. along the way. as minim.

you know, I would add. two rocks. (will you make convoys?) mini-event. )). or . just when the train leaves the station. he enters the tunnel. you can even relief. do below . or higher. guess.

you have a secret weapon.

listen to the sounds of weapons.

- come up with for me. box. or backpack. when the players got the loot.

you know, I saw this in the state of decks.

you just need time to install. to unlock it.
how to get around without a key. so that the player does not get it right away.

For example, you have three large backpacks. and a timer on them. gain. it will open. for example 5 minutes later.

to have a chance to get it back. when you respawn the second sleeping bag.

listen. you never made my play area. I know this is quite problematic. I’ve always wanted.

understand how I want. put up a gun. in a box. you know.
imagine you are building a house. it still turns out boxy. only there is no door.

doors. imagine. safe zone. and they have iron doors. like a survival game.

Listen. It was possible to make a city of bandits. understand. it’s like running into a writer. and there is only one way out. and it is patrolled by a guard. nps. to the player . you know why the guard shoots. this is like a maze. big walls. and there is only one way out.
try this turret. it was even possible. even make a turret. and everyone will like it. there are robot-themed games.

add an island. it’s very good there. the game. survival is obtained. where you can do whatever you want. look at my drawing. you can do. big bridge. futuristic. underground?

listen. if it helps you. make it on a separate server on baren. he’s kind of in the middle. and do there even. I’m talking about the railroad. just on the procedures map. many rt. you may find it difficult to concentrate.

copter. you have sketches of the greenhouse. I would even like to see the plantation. well, yes. guard with a turret. it’s like watering. device. and the site is guarded by a turret. I would fence it in. That’s what a sketch is for. like a mesh fence. and inside the turret.

copter. will trade for c4 or a bazooka. for smooth development. weapons first. then transport. you can even make a mini game like a test. mode. you see how it should be.

understand. I have such eyes here 0o when I see the house. and from the top anti-air weapons. understand in Rust Legacy were
barricades. and jumped on them. and now make copters. I don’t think they should be on the roof. add ground jumps. device. in ks. there is such a thing. so that it can be. it’s like a trampoline. just straight up. thrown onto the roof. it’s like jumping. not fair.

oh it’s you again, listen man, you gotta work on your punctuation and formatting, no one is going to want to read a giant wall of text with full stops every 4 words.

String together some more complete sentences and pair them with concept images, do some formatting and use correct punctuation, I can assure you no one is reading these as they are now.

I suggest using a grammar check like “Grammarly”, which also gives pointers on how to write perfect comments.

you know.
old and new interface. stoves.
already used to the old.

I would leave a new look. for the oven with meat. for the fire.

think. you could add sorting. so that it can be done in two clicks. unfold completely. fill the oven.

or fill it in manually.

sulfur. metal And so on. more convenient .

design can be considered. think. add both old and new view.

the total should be. take everything.
and spread it all.

such as meat and sulfur. will be completely decomposed. it is very comfortable. flexible functionality.

I think you come up with.

try to return the old ones. air means ((. make two servers where there is already a helicopter. and where there is not. the same way and Rt., as it were, the classic is growing.

why does your crossbow look bad. can you make the sounds of shots good? look suddenly game.

try changing the airdrome. he is very big.

you need a handgun.