A few Suggestions

Hello there, Recently i came up with a few cool ideas for rust. that will change the gameplay.
Let’s make a quick list here.
You may also post Suggestions down below, so i can add it on to the suggestions list. Maybe we could start an official Suggestion list thread.
Lets get started.

Suggestion list
Fire arrows
Exploding arrows
Tree houses
Ropes (You can strange somebody with it.)
Throwing Knifes
Spears & Throwing spears.

Alright, Lets make a crafting list now.
How to craft the items Above
Crossbow - 3 Low quality metal 150 wood 10 paper 1 rope.
Fire arrows - Normal Arrow and Paper, 1 x Flint and steel.
Tree houses - 100 Wood.
Ropes - 15 Cloth.
Throwing Knifes - 5 Rocks, 30 Cloth, 25 metal Fragements
Spears - 50 Wood, 75 Metal Fragments
Ladder - 10 Wood.

I know this is in alpha. But i just want to share Ideas with you.

Hello, I have an idea for another NPC, I’ve heard that the zombies will be removed and that they will become some kind of mutants. I think it would be cool if the mutants will look like naked new players who just entered the server and that someone from far away will think that it is a new player but that it is actually a strong mutant. this helps for the people who kill noobs without giving them a chance. The mutants will be strong so that even people with good stuff need to be carefull when they see a naked guy. The mutants need to be rare.