A few suvivors stand around in a infected city.

Meh, C&C edits welcome

Good prop placement. The guy on the left in the suit is holding his weapon strangely though.

That’s because…HE’S A ZOMBIE!

The guys with guns are suvivors.

Hey dude, where did you find the t-shirt male07?


Posing is way too rigid

Like… elaborate more?

The people holding the weapons are really stiff and look like wax

Good point well raised

There fine. When your not fring something your bound to be in those posistions.

They’re reallly REALLY stiff, they look like action figures.

Well not exackly, like the poses are ok, but they do need work they’re still iffy, and rather expressionless, they’re not relaxed.

The black guy standing up looks like he’s about to fall over.

Actually they look worse, they look like melted action man figures.

Added some statements.


I want to see somthing better then this then from you. I cant be bothered to reply to your redicolous comments.

No I am not acting tough or badass.

Now now no need to swear in the statement, i was just saying.

And don’t pull that “Oh would you have an expression in this and that?!”

cause yes i would i wouldent be blank, i would have an expression constantly, they look like… well nothing man thier just there, they don’t seem like thier in a zombie apocalypes.

And prop-placement, try working more on the posing. you have plenty of time to do whatever, take it…

And No not “well fine then”

And yes work on that black guy.

The only problems I found were the way the black guy in the suit is holding his rifle, and the fact that that wounded/dead guy is propped up against a pole when he’d just have fallen backwards.

I like it and what map is it

that guys m16 looks huge

In the second picture, if you look above the survivors, there is a bundle of bodies, and both of the bundles look the same.