A Few Things I Would Like to see in Rust.

1.Caves. I think caves would be a good addition because they would be one of the main pvp and raiding zones if people were to build in the, they could have radiation, loot and resources in them and they would just make the flashlight alot more useful.

2.More melee Weapons and Survivalist weapons like Spears,homemade and military knives, baseball bats, clubs, sticks, crossbows, more variants of the bow and machete’s.

3.Three Weapon Tiers. Tier 1-Homemade-Spears ,clubs, bows, hand cannon,pipe shotgun-ONLY Craftable Tier 2-Common Hunting/old common guns and weapons-Machete,hunting knife, double barrel shotgun, sawn off shotgun, m1 garand, old ak 74, old handguns, compound bow, compund crossbow-Hard to Find Tier 3-Military-M4,Pump action shotgun, Rambo knife, Military Machete, Mp5a4-Only found in something that comes once every 5 or so days such as the supply plane crashing or if they add this heli once it gets shot down its drops some military loot.

4.Ammo is harder to craft and maybe you get back 75% of the shells of the bullets you shoot and you need a reloading station to reload the bullets.

These are just a few ideas that i have had that i think would make rust a better game. Post what you think they should add to rust below.

  1. I have heard that unity doesn’t support caves, though I don’t know if that is really true. In any case, yes, that would be really cool.

  2. As long as they don’t overcomplicate it and have only a few to choose from (varying in swing speed, damage dealt, etc.)

  3. Not a bad idea, but it needs some balancing.

  4. No. This does not need to be changed. Ammo crafting is fine how it is. If they beef it up, it will be even more difficult for newcomers to get established and go out hunting.

I agree on the ammo crafting. It’s pretty stupid easy to craft ammo as it is, especially for the starting weapons

I find it really difficult when I am first starting out. It is perfect how it is, it doesn’t need to be changed around.

love the cave idea!

I’ve never once had to craft bullets lol I just get the air drops or kill kids for there ammo.

What in the fuck is a Tier-3 M4? This isn’t Call of Duty or <insert other bs game here>.

hmmm maybe read his post before you rage at him…i dont think he is trying to make it COD…

some good ideas there mate