A few things ive noticed, bugs and changes.

First thing, when hitting a tree with rock or hatchet. i’ve noticed it sounds like 2 different sounds on the top of eachother? anyone noticing this?

Second of all, i REALLY dislike the fact that doors can only be placed in doorways now. i used them for alot of fun things, reinforcing walls and such, but alright. i can understand that
a door should have hinges in a doorway, but now we have nothing to put infront of windows?. wich is really annoying. I know you can just make a ‘‘floor’’ with windows and then a door to seal that floor off from the rest of the house.
BUT every bandit in a 10 mile radius will make stairs up to my windows, just to find a locked door. and then i have 20 sets of pillars on the side of my house…

Im hoping you guys (the devs) will add some sort of ‘‘half’’ door. some ‘‘shutters’’ in wood and metal.

even an ability to make a curtain out of cloth would be awesome

i dont know about curtains, i mean… how are thoose gonna be a hindering?

block light from exiting your cabin

restrict people from seeing inside, and for you to look out side is simple as opening the curtains.

im not saying tour idea of shutters is bad, im saying curtains would be awesome as well.

This is a great idea. Cloth + Charcoal = Blackout Curtain

Now We just need windows that you cant jump through.

add the ability to collect sand out of sand piles (on shores/beaches ofc)

melt in furnace to make glass (breakable but you will hear the glass break [also would be cool to have a chance to get cut when climbing through broken glass/shadowed window frame])

Pretty sure you could just push the curtains to the side, wooden shutters would be much better.

yes but having both - one being easier to craft and faster to use but incredibly weak while the other requiring more effort to make (cant just be wood, you need hinges for shutters) and taking more time to open and close (not by much, realistically) but way more durable - would be much much better. maybe even give curtains a peek option