A few things regarding my comics. (NO PICTURE!)

OK. As you all know, Dactrius uploaded the second part to his crossover comic “A.C.E.R” earlier this week. I read it, and was really impressed. This has recently put pressure on my to start my comics that I plan to do (WarZone: EARTH and my Tintin-inspired one.). I’m quite sorry to say both comics have been postponed (for now!). Now, before you all start bitching at me by saying stuff like “Just do it, already!” or “Why bother making this thread if you don’t have anything to share?” or “This isn’t Facebook, stop making these fucking updates!”, I have a few reasons why.

  1. Gaming backlog - I’ve recently played through and beaten “The Last of Us” this weekend (the game only came out on Friday!), and I’ve loved it (Who knows, maybe I’ll produce a comic based on this game). Completing this game made me realize that I’ve got a shitload of titles to play through before next-gen consoles hit later this year (Yes, I’m a avid gamer, which explains why some of my comics will be crossovers.), so I’ll be trying to beat some of my unfinished games before I start working on stuff like this. It might also give me a few ideas, right? We’ll probably see.

  2. Lack of experience using Photoshop - I fully understood Mythos’ tutorial on making a comic layout (Thanks, Mythos! It can be read here.), but unfortunately, I have little to no experience whatsoever on using Photoshop. Even though I haven’t tried it, I would have no idea on how to add muzzle effects to guns during action scenes, or anything like blood, body wounds, etc.

  3. Little experience using Garry’s Mod - Ever since I got Garry’s Mod, most of my time on it has been (shamefully!) trekking various maps with custom NPCS I’ve downloaded, so I have spent quite little time learning to make great poses, scenebuilds and something like that. I still create small pictures (like my most recent one here) and it’s these pictures that I improve my skills in using GMod.

So, don’t expect anything big from me in a while(like, a LONG while). I will still create small pictures like the one I’ve linked in reason #3, and when I feel that I’m ready, I will start making my Tintin-inspired comic.

I’m so sorry for letting you down, pissing you off, or whatever you would want to call it, but bear with me, and I will eventually create something great.

Good god, you just don’t get it do you?
We care about progress. Hell, you haven’t even delivered anything worthwhile in the past, we’re not exactly shitting ourselves in anticipation.

If you have an idea, stop telling people about it. I don’t care about your idea. Anybody else reading this thread doesn’t care about your idea. Post some content, and perhaps we’ll give a shit (for better or for worse).

You’ve created at least 3 (or more) threads about your comic ideas. Nobody wants to read this.

Look. I’ve said DON’T expect anything for a WHILE, so just calm down, you won’t hear anything about this for a few months.

Then why bother posting in the first place? I just don’t understand why you think anyone here cares about your progress (or lack thereof).

OK fine. I won’t be doing this anymore.


I’ve had it!

I’m seeing a lot of promises. You better be great, benoski, because otherwise you’re just wasting everyone’s time, yours included.

Oh, and thanks for the credit on the comic tutorial, I appreciate it. Good to know you’re checking it out and understanding it, now you just have to put it to good use.

I said I’m not doing it anymore.

It’ll just be a waste of fucking time.

If you were really mature, you would have disregarded the comments in this thread and blown us away by creating the best dam comic ever seen in this section. But clearly if you’re willing to give up so easily, you must be 12 or something.

I’m 16. I’m just finding it pointless to do now.

Suit yourself. I’m sorry, but while I’m supportive of creating a new comics community and training some new blood, you’ve been publicizing for months without anything to show for it. I’m guilty of talking too much about my comics pre-release as well, but at least people already know to expect them, seeing as I’ve released comics previously. With you, not so much.

I would like to do this, I really do. but with so much on my mind, I simply can’t.

I’m sorry, but I can’t see the point of creating something if I know that people will just criticize EVERY. FUCKING. THING that I do.

Dude. You haven’t done anything yet, you can’t even know if you’ll be criticized.

But if you feel that way, that’s fine, feel free to “quit” before the fact. Nobody is forcing you to do anything. If you’re that preoccupied, then limit yourself to reading comics. In fact, just replying to the threads and keeping them alive is already doing a great thing for the comics community, so you’ll be helping out the guys.

ON second thoughts, I WILL continue.

But I will be going COMPLETELY silent on this.

Don’t even reply to this fucking thread anymore.

Let it rot and die.

Have you even made like 1 comic, no offense dude but like I don’t think anybody cares?

You’re acting like you’re running some long-going highly anticipated highly praised series, but you’re not :v:.

Fine, don’t care then. I’m not expecting ANYONE to care anymore.

Let this thread die now, please.