A few toybox changes in this update..

When you make a toybox entity its class used to be toybox_id_rev, now it’s just toybox_id.

You can now make your scripts ‘include’ other scripts. So if you’re making a weapon you can make the base as another entity, and have your script include it. The entity will be accessible via the classname toybox_id.

Saves upload a full screen screenshot. I’m not happy with this - it’s way too slow - so I’m going to revert it to the old behavior in tomorrow’s patch.

This week I plan to make it so you can make your scripts unlisted - because you don’t really want to make your base weapons show up on the front page - because they’ll be useless.

I want to make a new NPC category too.

I like the idea of base scripts, and an NPC category. (Will you move the current NPC Entities over?)

Rather than making base scripts completely unlisted, could they be listed in the “Include” tab?


Also, the currently included scripts should have a remove button, so they can be removed from being included.

Okay so garry here is what you do. It wasn’t slow for me at all because I don’t retard around with the shit. So anyways you apply the patch to everyone except me, or just don’t do it at all.

The NPC Catagory is going to be spammed with badly made and non-working crap

Oh yeah good point, I won’t bother then

Could you just make a option where you can chose if you want to add a screen shot?

Or Just ban the idiots who make 3 second scripts.

Also the new update wont let me delete my map files

An npc section would be god-like!

A better SNPC support would be good too.
Just HOOK the codes from the source engine directly on LUA, so that we can do awesomesauce.

Added a Unlisted option in toybox. If you check it your download will only be visible in your personal page.

I’m also having trouble deleting my map. I want to upload a newer version of it with the same name.