A few VERY noobish questions

I have a few Gmod related questioins for you technical-minded people. Now, I do not actually own Gmod (yet), but I have seen enough youtube videos to get the idea. I have a birthday coming up, and I want to know some details before I actually buy the game. Thank you all for your help.

1.) I have seen that, in machinimas, you can set the camera at a certain point to view your player model in third person, and move around, but the camera remains stationary, meaning you can walk out of the frame. How is this possible?

2.) How can I make custom player models, and by extension ragdolls?

3.) If I wanted to add a certain detail to a player model, such as a cape, would this be possible?

4.) What are the controlls for Gmod? (Specifficaly, the button to freeze and unfreeze time, although other buttons welcome)

5.) I have seen videos of a monitor in Gmod showing a video, such as gameplay footage of a different game. Is it actually possible to make monitors display your own videos, or was this video editing?

6.) I have heard of PHX, and that it has 3 versions. Now, is it true that PHX 3 comes with all of the parts from 1 and 2 as well, or are they seperate?

Again, thank you all.

  1. Do you mean track the player? Or just view. In camera press right click on the player you want to track… Otherwise just place a camera and run into the scene and out (like a wolf).

  2. Source SDK (unless you want to use gibs).

  3. You can weld a cape to a player or use Source SDK

  4. Can’t remember.

  5. R/T Camera - Alternatively you can edit it with something like After Effects or Vegas.

  6. No idea. I just downloaded it and looked at the models.

  1. Use the camera STOOL and press key you binded it to
  2. Do not know but I think SDK
  3. SDK or Weld
  4. Time cannot be freezed. Maybe some addon does it but I do not think so. Reload refers to R, Noclip is activated by V, spawn menu Q, Use button is E
  5. Maybe usable with some kind of PCMod addon but i think it is video editing
  6. V3 have everything, or almost everything.

ok, Here is the jist of it all

  1. The camera stool, using the button bound in the Gui menu that is the “Q menu”

  2. sorry not my forte

  3. That is done by either downloading a extra model pack, look around might find one,

  4. The controls,
    W = Forward
    A = Left
    S = Down
    D = Right
    E = Use
    F = Flashlight
    V = Noclip
    Z = Undo
    Physgun –
    Mouse 1 = Grab prop
    Mouse 2 = While grabbing prop click to freze in air
    Use + Mouse 1 = Rotate props

  • Use + Shift While grabbing prop = Rotate prop at set intervals
    =Those are basic controls=
  1. This is mainly video editing, but there are mods coming out that lets you make a video player ingame

  2. Phx mod, V3 is a SVN downloaded using TortoiseSVN
    And the SVN Link : https://phoenix-storms.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/phoenix-storms

hope this helps

You can’t make ragdolls and/or models in SourceSDK. You’ll have to use an outside program for that.
(Like Blender or 3DsMax studio)

SVN Tutorial: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324

For the playermodels you could use XSI Mod Tool that comes free with the Source SDK Package. You must download it from the XSI Website in order for it to be integrated into the SDK. There is a helpful link in the Source SDK Launcher that allows you to download the entire XSI Mod Tool, but it is quite frankly a very difficult program to use if you’re not experienced in 3D modelling. You should go ahead and post your questions about making custom playermodels in the Modelling section.

For the cape,


I’m pretty sure you meant 3D Studio Max, or more commonly known as 3DS Max.

Just helped you out.

To freeze time: Bind a key to phys_timescale 0

To slow it down a lot, bind a key to phys_timescale 0.2

Resume normal time with phys_timescale 1

Wow, thanks. This has all been very informative…