A Few Very Simple Dinosaur Reskins

[release]WHAT: Hexed Turok dinosaur and Dino D-Day dromaeosaurus reskins. Carnivores only. Both realistic-sized and



WHY: Dinosaurs are awesome. Hey, they’re fucking DINOSAURS.

WHEN: I made the T-Rex and the Turok raptor a long time ago, but decided to skin the other flesh eaters too, and so I finally got off my ass yesterday and actually skinned them.

WHAT IT REQUIRES: Owning a legal copy of Turok might help.

HOW 2 INSTALL LOLZ: It’s a goddamn addon, bitch.[/release]

Some pictures for you people. The one on the left is the new version, the one on the right is the old one:






And here’s the dromaeosaurus.




o I didn’t do much to the dilophosaurus, just de-saturated the colours a bit and made the head look a bit more viscious.

o I hated the feathers/quills on the raptors so I removed them. The dromaeosaurus was originally about the same colour as the original Turok raptor.

o Can’t do anything to the right eye of the T-Rex, but hell, how often do you see both sides of the monster’s head anyway?

o The head of the dromaeosaurus is bodygrouped, so you need Bodygroup Changer or knowledge about the console commands unless you want to see a headless abomination in your poses. The bodygrouping was in the original model, so I take no credit for that.

o THE ALBINO SKIN FOR THE TUROK RAPTOR WITH QUILLS AND ALL THAT SHIT IS STILL THERE. I did not change that, so don’t expect it to have a custom secondary skin.



You just desaturated them and removed feathers from that one and gave them quick eyes. :colbert:

nice joazzy would go well with my recent obsession with making dino pictures

Very Nice. I tried fixing the Rex’s scarred face myself, but I suck. Downloading.

The title says “Very simple reskins”, and sometimes small changes can make a big difference. I was going for slight improvement, not complete re-drawing or high-ressing the textures.

I like this very much. Thank you kind sir.

The download picture made me laugh so damn hard.

How did ya get the dromaeosaurus working? The 1 I got is without head when spawned :<

Nice work, I like the smallest one.

That made me seriously LOL. GF was looking at me funny.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a use for these models. Good job though!