A few weapon requests

Is anyone up to the challenge of converting these weapons for Use in Gmod?
Heres what I want:



(With Various Attachments like EOtech+Grenade Laucher and RDS+Silencer)


And last but not least:


(With the Holographic sight)

Much appriciated if its possible

The 2nd picture’s broken

Mmm… these are some good guns there. Hopefully if they are made into sweps, they’d be just like Mad Cows weapons. They’ll go perfectly with the MW2 Player Models i downloaded.


Modern Warfare site won’t let you post it.you need another picture :C

Fixed. Again



we have the m240, the mw2 tavor and a buggy MW2 ACR

So basically MW2 rips.

Fair enough, but I would rather have the M240 like the one in ArmA II, the Tavor like the MW2 Spec Ops Mission “O Cristo Redentor” and the ACR like in this photo



Sorry, but I cant just let this go

we have an ARMA M240…

besides, what is so special about the MW2 tavor? im sure there are lots of tavors on FPSB.

and the ONLY model I have seen of a masada/ACR is the buggy MW2 one.

the models of the screenshot you posted are not, and will never be released.