a few zelda props needed

Hi im hope that some one can make a few props from zelda for me.
what im lookign for is:

Boat from windwaker (plz make it so theres one with the sail up and one without and if you can make it float) Edit: can u make a small virsion as well of the boat plz so it can fit on a mantlepiece or somthing)
http://www.zeldauniverse.net/images/games/tww/characters/kingofredlions.png (both pics of boat with sail sorry but i cant find one with out the sail)

next is a Mini Triforce
http://img263.imageshack.us/i/triforce2rf.jpg/#q=zelda triforce
(can you make both in the pictures plz)

thats all if you can make any of them i would really apreciate it.

Edit: and for ppl who think this is dumb well it isnt if i can use them for machinima.

Fluxmage made the outset island characters.
I have the model of the king of red lions, and I will port him eventually. now I’m busy with other stuff.

kk thx