A Final Note to Myself- Rapture, 1959

Turn on the music if you don’t want beatings.


Shitty brown version

I love the atmosphere, it’s nice to see such a calming, yet at the same time a very emotional pose when most of what we see around here are zombies and explosions.

Very nice.

So that’s where J’zargo went.

Looks good.
My only gripes are that the right elbow doesn’t look like it’s resting on the table and the wine is a bit too translucent.

very good, i sort of like the brown version

I ALMOST cried, good job!

I just so happened to stumble upon one of my first screenshots which also just so happens to be Bioshock related.


I like to think I’ve improved since then :V


Excellent indeed.

I listened to this as I entered the thread and saw the pic. It fits very well to the image

Amazing pic!

Well… Not really no. Did you read the final note?

That song doesn’t really have a fitting atmosphere.

In my opinion it does. The lyrics may be totally unrelated, but to me, It expresses the depression in the picture. I do see what you mean by the final note. The song has nothing to do with that, indeed