A First person DOUK NOUKUM pose

Yeah, the shot isn’t really exciting, but I mostly did this to practice editing and using first person perspective, as well as creating hud elements in potatochop.


If I didn’t knew the map, I’d say this shot was from the game… [I don’t have DNF anyway]

Looks a little empty

Why did they had to send a retarded Pig cop to the battle?..WHY?!

what map is that?

The other aliens were at Clucking Bell, feasting on chicken breast fillets alongside Big Smoke.
If you catch my drift.

Big Smoke… I still love hearing him shout “MOTHERFUCKER!!” when the cops get to him. Good old days :slight_smile:

only problem is the street light/car

Nice pose, only comment is to me the pigs left foot is kinda weird. Great pose though.