A Fisherman Defending His Life & His Boat

Some cool music to play just because it makes this more epic?


This angle is more intense but pretty much the same idk

Here’s my crappy edit


“arrrr it be moby dick!”

“Arrrr it be a dick with more dicks protruding from said dick.”

Reminds me of Resident Evil 4.

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If your dick looks like that, I’d seek a doctor.

this guys fucked. but other than that its nice

“ARRR, ye just need some fine Viagra and than ye be doing well my boy!”

“Trust me my boy, I be both a fine fisherman and a fine doctor I say!”

Just ignore the fact that all his limbs are prosthetic, he has scurvy, and his degree is drawn with crayon.
I do highly recommend him though.

I don’t think you’d be standing perfectly upright while trying to chuck a big old spear at a sea monster, while on a tiny boat. Looks unrealistic to me. If I were doing that, me knees would be be bent, arm pulled back, etc. Other arm looks odd as well. Like its just chillin there not doing much.

You are talking about realism when it is a single man on a tiny little dingy fighting the freakin KRAKEN?
Really now?

Yes, because regardless of whether or not its a humorous or unrealistic picture, it still looks bad.

His knees are bent a little but I know what you are trying to say.
You can’t really pose him on that boat because the boat has bad collision so I couldn’t really pose him realistically, I tried though.

He’ll be crushed in a second, but I’ll give that fisherman an A for effort. :v:

Behind the scenes with the fisherman!


This picture really reminds me of one of my own I made years ago that involved the same setting and premise except with a Megalodon instead.

The premise is pretty awesome, albeit shoddily executed. The beast’s posing and arrangement makes it look blocky because of the ragdoll’s joints, which is a real immersion breaker, and it’s composition and the whole angle draws the attention away from the fisherman. It would of been better if the angle put the fisherman in focus, but still showed the terrifying size of the beast.

The fisherman’s posing is really unconvincing; He’s just standing there casually, and doesn’t look prepared to chuck the spear at all. When you’re preparing to throw something, you obviously spread your legs out wide for support, lean backward, and pull your arms back so you can shift forward and throw your arms out to exert the most amount of force against it. It’s similar to how you angle your torso and lean backward when preparing to throw a punch.

Going on to the editing, The rain effects would be spot on if the skies were cloudy, and the seawater edit is sloppy and overdone. Other then that, it’s all good.

Uh okay

So you’re honestly going to say that the entire picture is excused from any sense of realism including universal fucking fundamentals such as laws of god damn physics and believable posing because of an entirely irrelevant discrepancy with the being’s existence in reality?

Boyo, are you playing dumb or something.

Awesome criticism.
I tried to do as much in-game effects as I could because I suck at editing.
As I said above though the boat has bad collision so I can’t pose his legs while the boat is there. I could have spent a lot more time with it but I didn’t feel like spending all my time today in gmod and photoshop.


I’ll have to check out your picture, is it on the forums?

Not that I know of; it’s a good two years old now. I’ll see if it’s on my PC though.

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Found it. I think MasterFGH did the editing.

Ignore tool will serve you well. Whatever you select with the tool, your own tools, including physgun, will ignore it, until you “un-ignore” it using the ignore tool. Plus, whatever is ignored is transparent, allowing you to still see the ignored prop while posing other parts.

Hey looky, someone else loves in-game rain too!

Not such a fan of the in-game rain because it’s so dark, but the in-game splashes are awesome.