A fitting song: The Future.

I’ve been playing Rust non stop since I bought it shortly after the early access on Steam.

I love it to bits, along with all the unfinished mechanics, potential, griefers, the works (excepting cheats of course), and it occurred to me recently there is a song that is so fitting I just had to share it here. It is a title song by Mr. Leonard Cohen from an album of the same name as this thread title. If I remember correctly it was also featured on the soundtrack to the film ‘Natural Born Killers’

As a brief warning: There is minor swearing and adult references so please don’t listen if you are offended by these things :wink:


Well I guess that wasn’t very popular :tinfoil: so I thought of another one. This time some blues by the awesome Canned Heat, ‘On the Road again’ -

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRKNw477onU :dance:

Anyone else got any music that they like to listen to while playing, or that just reminds you of the game?