A Fix for the PVKII Models

Ever since an update to PVKII, their models appear like this:




I dunno what happened, but they’ve been that way for a while. If anyone knows how to fix their textures, please do so because me and a few other people really wish to use them.
Also, if it’s possible, maybe make new hexed versions with fixed textures and improved physics, fingerposing, and eyeposing.

This is how they look under Directx 81. In Directx 90, they are totally invisible.

Look at the VMT’s for the files and change them to vertexlitgeneric - they probably made a new shader.

I thought you had no DX90 at all

They actually did mention a new shader, I’ll go through all the VMT’s and fix them.

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Just fixed the VMT’s on the weapons and player models.



Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8LIRB7YC