A Flamethrower

With new flame items being added such as the flammable rocket for the rocket launcher, and with the fire effects we’ve seen in devblog 60 I thought a flamethrower could fit the arsenal of weapons!

It should be a close-quarters type of weapon, perhaps for going inside bases and burning the inhabitants inside. However this comes at a big risk, I’ve read about flamethrowers from around WW2 and they were very dangerous to use with a high mortality rate for the users. This is because of the very flammable fuel tanks behind the user almost like a backpack. If these tanks were to be shot they would likely explode, which is why this could be a viable weapon for rust.

The weapon could do much damage to players, along with high damage to wooden bases. The flamethrower would also be very rare, hard to handle, and risky to use. If you get to close to your own flames with the weapon still equipped it will likely make you explode, if not catch yourself on fire. If anybody shoots your fueltank-backpack you will explode, or leak fuel (perhaps have a percentage ratio for whichever happens) and if it leaks fuel, it will leave a trail which then if shot the trail will catch on fire leading to you.


I was thinking that since it has a fuel tank, the fuel tank has to be worn. Perhaps in place of the metal plate armor. To bring up the actual hose of the flamethrower you would equip it like a separate weapon, but for it to spit flames you have to be wearing the fuel tank with low-grade (or high-grade fuel if we get that).

Maybe sugar cane could be added and we have to add tar to it to make napalm that could be high grade maybe?

I’m all for anything that brings us closer to being able to set wooden structures on fire.

I think flamethrowers are fun but I don’t think it would be appropriate for the game presently. If wood bases could be set on fire, there would be no way for anyone inside to protect themselves from raiders, especially if the fire propagated. This would allow even solo players to quickly tear through wood houses and kill their occupants in the process. I do like the idea of a flamethrower as a defensive weapon though, it would help smaller teams defend against large groups of people. It’d be cool if you had to take off your armor/clothes in order to stop taking fire damage. Eventually, when we can throw buckets of water at stuff, I’d love to see more fire in the game.

it would be perfomance issue

because “planet side 2” dev team wanted to add it but give up cause of perfomance