A Fond Farewell to the Pig

Nothing special, I just felt like making this in honour of an amazing aircraft which is being retired in favour of a pink elephant which (assuming we ever get it) won’t even come close to filling its role. :australia:

Let’s discuss how badly-suited the F-35 is to the RAAF’s requirements!

what plane is that? looks like a typhoon


This is lovely. Really nice setup rossmum.

Nice setup, love the contrast and all.

One thing that bothers me is his insanely long arm…

Sadly the only suitable model I had was from CoD4, with all the proportional fuckups that entails :gonk:

I should’ve corrected it in PS, but I didn’t really think about it until it was too late. That’ll teach me to think I can get away with using CoD models.

To be fair, you could have used any model really, and stuck a helmet on him :v:

Yeah I guess, didn’t occur to me I could do that

I’m liking this recent wave of aircraft themed pictures.

I’ve never seen a shape that looks less like a Typhoon.

Looks like that pilot is carrying an extra helmet, because it looks like he is already wearing one.

He’s not actually carrying anything in the pose, that was just a side-effect of the whole long arms thing. It’s folded across his front, but it does look rather like he’s carrying some piece of equipment.