A Force to be Reckoned With

I’m not one for comics, but this idea came to my mind. Mainly testing a model.

This is more of a stupid/funny/“thing that makes no sense” kind of comic. Don’t try to make any sense out of this. :v:

Note, this is kind of long. I believe there are 130 frames. 13 images with 10 panels in each. Just let things load first for the best experience.














I apologize for the rushed ending, but my Gmod wanted to crash more and more the farther I went with this comic. It was bad enough to the point where it started corrupting my saves (I had to keep Gmod running throughout the day to get this done.) I had to quickly think of an alternate ending before I lost all of it for good.

Hope you enjoyed it. :smile:

renamon gonna yiff him

they really got their asses handed to em

Fucking amazing.

I kinda looked like :byodood: through the entire thing.

Good work.

Really nice, the editing was fantastic, and the expression on the soldiers faces were priceless.

I really do hate Renamon, but that was hilarious.

Awesome work, beautiful editing!

That was actually a pretty awesome read. Hilarious as well :D!

Man, I’m surprised how awesome that was.

I mean, great stuff, man.

Oh my god…
I haven’t laughed like that in quite a while.
On the dashing panel, my jaw dropped.
If you don’t continue this… Or do something similar… I will… Send you hate mail, yeah that’s it.

Definitely not what I expected, well done.

First i thought, mmh, this isn’t going to be that good. But during the reading i am actually really impressed, the movement and action is really well shown. The editing is really great and action packed. I like.

If it weren’t for renamon, I would have taken this much more seirously.
But nonetheless, job well done.

Nicely done! You’re pretty much there. Making comics similar to that of ZeekyPoe.

Work on your speech bubbles. Use a more comic-like font. There are tons out there.

Personally I like “Key’s Comic Font”

But it’s about personal tastes.

hahah the posing and composition of all of these are great

you get mad respect from me. best comic i’ve seen in a long while

the pacing is hindered by lack of a layout. because of over abundance of images, conversations are read as:

“What the hell was that”


“That’s our problem here”


“Go see for yourself, sir”


You have some good angles and funny poses, but need to condense them down a bit. It is way too long for what was happening. You had 11 whole images dedicated to having the commander driving up and getting out the vehicle. At roughly 680 pixels per frame length wise, that’s 7400 pixels of scrolling for what takes only a few seconds. To give you an idea, I’ve produced short comics with twice the dialogue using the same amount of vertical space as this single action.

In short, shorten it and add a layout. That’s really the only thing that’s holding you back.

I admit I still need practice.

Thanks for the comments! :smile:

not bad at all, funny too.

This made me chuckle.