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Bleh, had problems with finger posing and the guardsmen doesn’t have the right rigging to face pose. Not my best by far.

try not to use bigcity…bad posing and bad…most evrey thing, try putting effort into posing and using angles and youll get much better at it

Chief can flip a tank, you should have switched him with the Guardsman. Plus it would have been funny seeing the Terran trying to hold that small ass Halo rifle.

I actually thought the Las rifle would be smaller.

I honestly don’t know why you would pick this map, a sci-fi one would be better, or you could have super dof’d the background out.
The posing on the guardsmen is VERY shoddy and you MUST put your graphics on their highest if you want any term of quality.

Also, always use jpeg_quality 100.

Your camera angle is ugly, especially because you just switched to the camera tool and took the picture.

You almost always want to back away from the picture and zoom in.

I didn’t spend as much time as I could have on it I’ll admit.

At least you admit it and not make excuses.

Don’t quit, keep working and you’ll get better.

If you look in my last threads I can pose a starcraft marine pretty well, guess it didn’t translate into smaller models.

Posing each model can be different.

The starcraft marine is pretty easy to pose once you figure him out, many other models are FAR more restricting due to the fact that they don’t look mechanical so they don’t come in segments, so they move like organic bodies would (they have more restraints).

It depends on how the model is rigged and how it’s .phys file is set up. Posing isn’t something you really shouldn’t learn on one model.
Play with the default HL2 ones and learn how to pose them realistically.

It helps to look at people posing or make different poses in the mirror, while watching how your body moves.

Gm_Big shitty? bad Idea bro