A free forum for your community/server

I have had a forum for a while now and I have no real use for it (Since my server hosts decided to pack up, and I did not really have time to look after one anyway)
So, if someone wants a free forum, just PM me (or ask here) and I can set you up one quickly
I can also make another if someone else wants one too, just ask

It does not include a domain. Your forum could look something like this: www.mayhem.pcriot.com
Runs on PHPBB (or SMF if you wish)

Because it looks more professional than having an ad-supported freewebs forum or something along those lines

Sure, I was looking to setting up a forum.

Alright no problem. I will PM you.
Offer is still here for others too.

Cool, if you could name the forum Meekal’s Build Server Forums that would be great! I will credit you in ULX ad’s.