A free s&box API proxy for people to use

Hi all,

I’ve created an open-source, speedy Cloudflare proxy server for people who wish to use the s&box API on single-page applications, or with just static HTML & JS.

It’s hosted at proxy.sboxed.com, and the GitHub repository is available here :slight_smile:

I’ve migrated my API Explorer website, now at explorer.sboxed.com to use this.

Why was this created & how to use it

The s&box API does not allow for CORS requests - so this proxy now exists.

You can make any s&box API request as per normal, however, using proxy.sboxed.com.

These responses, unlike the official API, will return all requests with CORS headers.


I wanted to do that but you made it before me haha! Not going to do it on my side then I’m sure yours contains already everything :grin: